5 DIY Rabbit Hutch Design Ideas

If you’re thinking of raising rabbits, you have to provide them with a natural environment to allow them to live longer and breed successfully. As such, creating rabbit hutches or houses is ideal. Creating a rabbit hutch isn’t as difficult as what you might think. In fact, you can find plenty of DIY designed hutches which which corresponds to the number of rabbit you want to raise. To get you started, here are some DIY rabbit hutches design ideas to consider:

Rabbit Hutch

1. Rabbit House Pen

A rabbit house pen can house four to eight rabbits. It has a dimension of 8 ft by 5 ft and will require a support on the ground. It is possible to make divisions in the rabbit hutch by adding panels inside of it. Additionally, you could cover half of the area with a mesh wire, while having the other covered with plywood to give your rabbits separate places for them to sit on. You could also include 1 1/2 inch spaces in the bottom portion of the enclosure, enough to allow a metallic tray to slide through. This add-on is actually helpful since rabbits tend to excrete on the tray and once they do, the excretion will simply fall on the tray through the mesh wire therefore allowing easy cleaning.

2. Rabbit Hutch with Pallets

This DIY rabbit hutch design is a moneysaving option through the use of wooden pallets. Using wooden panels, you can make equal sides of both top and bottom. The size of both frames should depend upon the total number of rabbits you want to raise. Make sure to secure the bottom frame with mesh wire to prevent too much littering, and the top frame to be completely wooden to block external elements like wind, sunlight, and rain. For the walls, you could opt to a wooden material and the front portion with a mesh wire to allow easy surveillance on your pets. This cage is designed for an outdoor setting.

3. Simple Rabbit Hutch

If you like to keep it simple and inexpensive, you could opt for a simple rabbit hutch design. To do so, you will need a supply of plywood, mesh wires, locks, nails, and hinges. You can start building the hutch by considering the number of rabbits you are planning to house. Both the top and flooring section of the hutch should have equal sizes, and the two sides as well. Basically, make it so that it forms a rectangular shape especially the enclosure in order to provide warmth and shelter for your rabbits.

4. Small Rabbit Hutch

This design is ideal for housing a small population, typically around 3 to 6 rabbits. To start, you will need four pieces of wood measuring 150 cm each for the long portion of the hutch. For the structural solid of the long wood, you will need eight pieces of wood pallets measuring one meter each. Afterwards, nail the long sections along with the long ones in order to form the bottom of the hutch. Build another structural part like that to serve as the top section of your hutch. Nail the vertical wood in the four corners of the cage along with the top section of the structure. Then nail the wire sheet on both sides and bottom of the rabbit hutch. Lastly, make a small door made out of wood and have it attached to the top.

5. Top Latch Wooden Rabbit Hutch

For this project, you will need two 2 x 2 boars cut in 24 inches, and another two measuring 3 inches short of four feet. This will help you nail them in a rectangular structure measuring 2 x 4 ft. Make three of them and nail a wire sheet in two of the frames for the hutch’s bottom and front door. Through door hinges, attach a frame to the bottom to make the cage swing open downwards when opened. Also, don’t forget to make an enclosed box in the hutch’s corner for a warm and safe place for your rabbits.

These are just among the few DIY rabbit hutches you might want to consider. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them with us.