Best Rabbit Feeders

Rabbit feeders are very important to the rabbit, and sometimes picking out the perfect feeder for your rabbit can be a daunting task. There are many types of feeders in the market but the aim of every feeder is to make sure that food doesn’t touch the floor and also the rabbit’s waste product is not mixed with the food. Here is a list of the top rabbit feeders you would find in the market.

  1. Little Giant Outdoor Living Galvanized Rabbit Feeder

This is a nice feeder that you can use outdoors mostly. The feeder is built with a lid to keep its contents protected from external contaminants. The feeder is made of metal and it has a wire hook that helps to hold the feeder to the hutch. It’s usually 5 inches big and it is affordable and also durable.

  1. Super Pet Kaytee Hay N Food Bin Rabbit

This feeder bin is large in size and this enables it to hold large amounts of food for rabbits and even other pets. It is built to make sure that the food it contains is secure and not exposed to contaminants and other extra genius materials. This bin is made from either wood/ plastic and it is 5 inches in length and also 5 inches wide. This is an ideal feeder that you should get for your pets at home.

  • Super Pet Hay Manger Rabbit Feeder

This feeder provides the rabbit with a large area to feed. It is 4 inches long and 8 inches wide. This feeder us designed to ensure that the food is in the manger and does not spill on the floor. This is a nice feeder to have in your home.

  1. Preview Pet Products Small Bin Feeder

This feeder is made from metal and coated with green powder to give it its green appearance. It is a large feeder that has the ability to hold up to five days of food supply for the rabbit. This feeder also helps to provide the idea area for the rabbits to feed without messing up the environment. It’s a wonderful feeder that can be kept in a cage or attached to the outside of a hutch.

  1. Miller Rabbit Feeder With Metal Bottom and Lid

This feeder brings something extra to the table. Although it is made out of metal, it is rust resistant and also it cannot be chewed on by rabbits, this helps to ensure that the rabbits do not destroy the feeder. It is also equipped with a metal kid to ensure that the food does not spill. Finally it has a secure mechanism that helps to keep it attached to a catch or hutch.

  1. Precision Pet Hay Manger

This is another type of feeder that helps to keep the food secure and free from waste. It is usually made of metal and attaches well to the cage or hutch. This feeder is loved by many rabbit owners because of its simple design and low cost.