Rabbit Supply List

Owning a pet is adorable especially if that pet is a rabbit. Rabbits are fun to be around, they provide a companion you can play with, or even talk with. To successfully rear a rabbit, you need to have certain important items and these items make up the rabbit supply list. It’s like a shopping list of what the rabbit will need. It does not matter if you are a first timer, this list encompasses all the tools you would need. Here is the list

  • Housing: This is optional because some persons love oyou have the rabbits running around the house. But if you want to have a house for the rabbit you can consider having a cage, condo or any other housing set up.
  • Food & Water Bowls: This is very important for every rabbit, as you know the rabbit will need food and water. In order to provide this, you need to have bowls where you will place them so that the rabbit will eat and drink conveniently.
  • Food: The next thing on the list should be food. There are several brands of rabbit food that you can choose from. Take note that you should not switch between brands, try to stick to one brand.
  • Hay: The rabbit needs a constant supply of hay, make sure that you get high quality hay for your rabbit. There are several stores that can make this available.
  • Vegetables: Rabbits need vegetables, make sure to get a fresh supply of vegetables. The vegetables must be fresh so as to provide sufficient nourishment for the rabbit.
  • A carrier: Yiu will need a hard, durable carrier for your rabbit. This will come in handy when you want to take the rabbit to the doctor or out shopping. Make sure you place a soft towel in the carrier for the rabbits comfort.
  • Clean towels and blanket: Apart from placing clean towels in the carrier, the towels and blankets are necessary for the rabbit. They are also lacked in the housing set up and used in various occasions.
  • Litter Boxes: You will need a litter box for your rabbit, you can go for a small size box but you need to put the size of the rabbit into consideration. Sometimes the rabbit will love to stay in the litter box with its bonding mate so the box should account for all these different scenarios.
  • Rabbit Litter: When buying rabbit litters make sure you go for the ones that are friendly. Some types of rabbit litter produce some toxic oils that can be harmful to the rabbit.
  • Toys: Toys are used to keep the rabbit busy, when a rabbit is bored it can become stubborn or troublesome. Hence you need to keep them entertained.
  • Medical Supplies: This is very important to have in case of any emergency you may encounter.
  • Grooming Supplies: Things like comb, brush and nail clipper should also be on your list. This helps to keep rabbit clean.